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14 January 2011 @ 11:47 am
Lessons (NC-17)  
Pairing: Bi/Lee Joon
Summary: Learning from your mistakes or playing the game. (NC-17)
Warning: porn, mild masochism, short

Hand resting casually under his chin and the other laxed in Joon’s dark hair, Jihoon closed his eyes to the feeling of his dongsaeng’s working mouth.

“Slow down a little.”

Joon obediently slowed, repositioning himself between Jihoon’s firm thighs while he kneeled between, sliding his mouth across the lower half of his hyung’s abs and suckling at the crease of muscle at his hip.

He could feel Jihoon’s hand guiding him down the center where a growing erection waited.

Joon was nervous but pleasantly so; he’d never done this before but it was something that followed naturally when they’d began.

After hours at the J. Tune Camp main office, Jihoon had brought Joon down into a forceful kiss. It was passionate but displeased.

“You talk too much.” Jihoon said against his lips and twisted the baby hairs at the nap of Joon’s neck.

Joon knew this was coming, having letting too much slip in their recent interview. The mood was good for the moment but he knew once they got behind closed doors, his superior would let him have it.

Maybe he had a glutton for punishment, especially of this kind, since he didn’t stop while he was ahead. Who knows, maybe somewhere deep down he looking forward to that fleeting feeling of fear mixed with pleasure, as long as it hurt in all the right ways.

Joon felt the office table hit the back of his legs as they inched near it and he vaguely wondered if he was about to be splayed over it. But Jihoon stepped back and eased into the leather office chair.

Even sitting, the elder’s presence was commanding and Joon’s knees buckled and collapsed under the pressure. Jihoon gapped his legs and the younger stared like a deer in headlights.

“Joon,” His voice seemed deeper than usual, sounding somewhat amused. “What do you want to do?”

Jihoon’s hand touched his face and let his thumb circle over Joon’s soft lips before dipping inside. The zipper of Jihoon’s low riding pants had come undone, and Joon swallowed despite himself. It wasn’t a question of what he wanted but if he understood what he needed to do next.

Jihoon groaned as Joon’s tongue flicked out and firmly licked the tip of the waiting cock. His grip tightened in Joon’s hair, losing focus as the younger continued to tease and taste the head like candy.

He stole a glance at Jihoon’s face, which was scrunched up with pleasure.

Feeling bold, Joon shifted himself on his knees and placed his lips fully around the head, sliding his mouth down slow and deliberate. He flipped his tongue around both side of the firming dick and tried not the grin at Jihoon slowly losing control.

Hyung… He laughed in his mind, feeling superior despite himself.

He began wondering what else he could do to send him over the edge. Maybe it would make him forget what trouble he’d gotten into today; but his thoughts were jolted by a sharp pain on his scalp from digging fingernails.

“Ah, hyung…!” Joon half mumbled and choked from a full mouth.

“Pay attention, Joon.” Jihoon’s eyes were still closed but his expression was irritated, and the bass in his voice rose.

“Yes…” Joon didn’t know what else to say.

Jihoon tapped his hand on his leg twice and finally opened his eyes.

“Are you finished?”

He was giving him a look similar to when they’d messed up during practice and earned themselves a scolding, and Joon suddenly remembered who was in control.

“No.” Joon shook his head. Apologizing was useless; only good results are what mattered, he knew.

So without a word, he started again, taking the erection in his mouth. Jihoon didn’t guide him this time. Joon knew what was expected of him and he followed through, letting his tongue spiral over the swelled cock.

Jihoon began grinding himself into Joon, catching him off guard but he didn’t pull away. He took the screwlike pressure in his mouth and moved to match its pace. It slid deep inside, slicking his tongue and cheeks with the musky taste of pre-cum.

Feeling Joon tense, Jihoon reached down and stroked the side of his damp jaw.

“Keep breathing.”

His voice was calmer, and Joon obeyed the gentle command, breathing through his nose as the cock hit the back of his throat. The gagging feeling diminished as he continued to mouth the grinding waves.

The warmth and wetness of a waiting orgasm neared and Jihoon moved to pull Joon away, but was met with stubborn opposition.

“Hey, Joon…!” He breathed out, surprised, as the younger bore down and sucked harder.
The tang of his hyung’s release came shortly after, coating the inside of his mouth and the back of his throat. Joon coughed at the feeling but kept it in, waiting until the squirting feeling stopped.

He sealed his lips tight and pulled back. His mouth was still full and he wasn’t sure if he should swallow, but Jihoon quickly pressed a handkerchief over his mouth.

“Spit it out.”

Joon did what he was told and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand when he was finished.

“You didn’t have to take it that far.” Jihoon said, tossing the wad into the trash bin under his desk.

“I did.” He admitted, still kneeling. “I messed up. Sorry, hyung.”

“Don’t be sorry. Just remember there are things that need to be kept between us.”

“…Is hyung still mad?”

“Only if you didn’t learn anything from this.” Jihoon said simply. “So what did you learn?”

Joon took a breath and looked down, and thought for a second before smiling slyly,
“That next time I don’t have to swallow?”

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This pairing is glorious XD